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Fertility2u – FAQs

Why are you changing to a homecare pharmacy provider?

Prior to moving into a stand-alone clinic, we must have a registered pharmacist to oversee high volume prescription medication, this includes the majority of drugs dispensed as part of an IVF treatment cycle.

We are able to continue to dispense a small amount of drugs, directly from our clinic, without the need for an on-site pharmacist. However, to comply with regulations we must have alternative arrangements in place for dispensing the majority of medication needed throughout a patient’s treatment cycle.

Whilst we have been located within an NHS Trust hospital building, we have had access to an onsite pharmacy at Hull Royal Infirmary which ensures compliance with all pharmacy regulations. As we are relocating to a purpose built, state of the art clinic this summer, we must put these alternative arrangements in place now.


Will all drugs/medication be delivered by Fertility2u?

The majority of a patient’s treatment medication will be dispensed and delivered by Fertility2u.  Should patients require a ‘top up’ following treatment scans, these drugs will continue to be dispensed directly from the clinic.


Can I pick up my drugs/medication from the clinic rather than it being delivered?

With the exception of ‘top up’ drugs, medication required following a positive pregnancy scan and medication required in exceptional circumstances, patients will no longer be able to collect medication from the clinic.  This is to ensure we comply with pharmacy regulations.


How will delivery be arranged?

Once a patient’s treatment cycle commences and we have sent the necessary prescription to Fertility2u, Ferility2u will contact the patient to arrange a suitable date for the delivery to a patient’s preferred address.  All medication is discreetly packaged in temperature controlled, secure packaging.


How will I pay for my medication?

If you pay privately for your fertility treatment, Fertility2u will arrange to take payment by debit or credit card prior to medication being delivered.  Only a small amount of medication will continue to be dispensed at the clinic directly; payment for any medication taken from the clinic will continue to be made direct on collection of the drugs.

Page Last Modified: 28th April 2021


The Hull Andrology Unit has relocated its services from Hull Royal Infirmary to a new purpose built facility on the Hesslewood Office Park from Friday 1st October 2021.

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