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Success Rates

Our latest success rates

Hull & East Riding Fertility – Clinical Pregnancy Results 2020 (full calendar year)

The information below is representative of treatment using their own gametes (no donor cycles are included). In 2020, 211 fresh treatment cycles with couples using their own gametes (eggs/sperm) reached embryo transfer stage. As this is the most recent data, the results have not yet been validated by the HFEA, but we like to keep you informed of our current success rates.

Please be aware that information on success rates is of limited value in comparing centres, and choosing where to seek treatment.  Please visit


2020 – couples’ own gametes

 2020- couples’ own gametes
AgeClinical pregnancy events per treatment cycle startedClinical pregnancy events per embryo transferFoetal hearts per embryo transferred
All ages64/269, 23.8%64/211, 30.3%64/234, 27.4%, 64 singletons
<3538/150, 25.3%38/113, 33.6%38/120, 31.7%, 38 singletons
35-3714/63, 22.2%14/51, 27.5%14/58, 24.1%, 14 singletons
38-3910/31, 32.3%10/25, 40%10/26, 38.5%, 10 singletons
≥402/25, 8.0%2/22, 9.1%2/30, 6.7%, 2 singletons



A proportion of patients will use donor eggs and/ or donor sperm in their treatment cycle and the clinical pregnancy results for 2020 are reported below. The type of treatment will also influence the chances of success and further information about how IVF and ICSI treatment success rates compare can be found in the  IVF & ICSI section. Additionally, approximately 25% of patients will have embryos suitable for freezing (not including freeze-all for clinical reasons and fertility preservation cases) and use in a future treatment cycle and details of success rates using frozen embryos can be found in the frozen treatment cycle section.

2020- donor gametes, all ages
Treatment typeCP events per embryo transferFoetal hearts per embryo transferredComments
Donor eggs3/8, 37.5%3/10, 30%, 3 singletonsIncludes partner to partner donation
Donor sperm15/29, 51.7%15/30, 50%, 15 singletons



Hull & East Riding Fertility – Live Birth Results 2019

In 2019, 260 fresh embryo transfers with the couples’ own gametes were performed.  As this is the most recent data, including live births, the results have not yet been validated but we like to keep you informed of our current success rates.

 2019-couples own gametes
AgeLive birth events per treatment cycle startedLive birth events per embryo transferNumber of live births per embryo transferred
All ages98/324, 30.2%98/260, 37.7%102/305, 33.4%, 94 singletons, 4 twins.
<3574/193, 38.3%74/148, 50.0%76/164, 46.3%, 72 singletons, 2 twins.
35-3711/71, 15.5%11/64, 17.2%11/79, 13.9%, 11 singletons.
38-398/32, 25.0%8/23, 34.8%8/27, 29.6%, 8 singletons.
≥405/27, 18.5%5/24, 20.8%7/33, 21.2%, 3 singletons, 2 twins.

For more information regarding the HFEA Validated data for our clinic please visit


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