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Male Fertility Lab

Diagnostic semen analysis:

Male factor infertility is a common phenomenon affecting approximately 50% of all sub fertile couples. The diagnostic semen analysis examines several parameters to allow us to judge the quality of a semen sample. It looks at the sperm count (number of sperm), motility (how well the sperm are moving) and normal forms (how the sperm are shaped). These are all factors that if they fall below certain levels could have an impact on how long it takes to achieve a pregnancy or whether it is possible to conceive a child naturally.

We have a team of Clinical Embryologists who are fully qualified in all aspects of semen analysis and can liaise with GPs and Consultants, ensuring high quality advice is available to patients.

Interpretation of the results:

Please see your doctor who requested the test to receive the results and interpretation.

Post-vasectomy semen analysis

Vasectomy can be regarded as one of the safest and most effective forms of birth control, however it is important that post operative instructions are followed very carefully. Evidence has shown that immediately following vasectomy, virtually all ejaculates will contain potentially fertile sperm. It is therefore essential that contraception should be continued until your consultant advises otherwise. The British Andrology Society (BAS) recommends that initial assessment of an ejaculate should take place 12 weeks post vasectomy and after production of at least 20 ejaculates. Clearance should be given by your consultant.

Please see our andrology user guide for further information regarding the andrology unit and the service it offers:

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The Hull Andrology Unit has relocated its services from Hull Royal Infirmary to a new purpose built facility on the Hesslewood Office Park from Friday 1st October 2021.

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