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Fertility Check Up

Are you concerned about your future fertility? Are you thinking about starting your family – now or perhaps further in the future?   Has either partner had a medical problem which may have affected your fertility ?

Why not book a Fertility Check Up?

The Hull IVF Unit offers a comprehensive range of fertility tests to give individuals or couples a full assessment of their current fertility and probability of conceiving in the future. Has either partner had a medical problem which may have affected your fertility?

A Fertility Check Up can offer you peace of mind or could provide you with fast-track access to expert advice on the most appropriate fertility treatment if any problems are identified.

Find out more about the range of assessments available,

To book a test, call 01482 382648, or complete our contact form

Individuals or couples can refer themselves directly to the Unit, and an appointment will be made for you to have your chosen assessment performed.

Page Last Modified: 10th February 2017


The Hull Andrology Unit has relocated its services from Hull Royal Infirmary to a new purpose built facility on the Hesslewood Office Park from Friday 1st October 2021.

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