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The Referral Process

All patients are entitled to NHS funded fertility investigations. Restrictions to funding only apply to treatment.

If you have been trying to achieve a pregnancy for a year and have not been successful, you should request basic investigations by your GP:

Male – a semen evaluation

Female– Prolactin, Day 21 progesterone, Serum Rubella, Hepatitis C antibody, Hepatitis B core antibody, Hepatitis B surface antigen, and Chlamydia antibodies, an up to date cervical smear (result and date of smear required).

If you have a specific known problem causing subfertility, you do not have to wait to have been trying for a specific length of time and can be referred to see a hospital consultant straight away.

All patients with fertility problems should have primary care investigations carried out by their GP, then referred to the subfertility service.

The decision as to whether or  not patients can access funding for assisted conception services is made at the subfertility clinic.

Should you wish to make a private appointment to see one of our fertility specialists at the IVF Unit to try and speed up the process, you can do this and this would not alter your entitlement to NHS funded treatment, as long as you meet your Clinical Commissioning Group’s specified criteria.

For further information regarding the self-funded patient journey please see:  Self-Funded

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The Hull Andrology Unit has relocated its services from Hull Royal Infirmary to a new purpose built facility on the Hesslewood Office Park from Friday 1st October 2021.

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