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Egg Sharing

The Hull IVF Egg Sharing Programme:

One way to help patients who require donor eggs and to  help to reduce the cost of your IVF/ICSI treatment is through our Egg Sharing Programme.

You could give hope to those who have received the heartbreaking news that they won’t be able to conceive using their own eggs by donating half of your eggs following your treatment cycle.   This will also reduce the cost of your own treatment cycle.

On the attached price list you will see a fixed price for this treatment option, the Egg Sharing Arrangement Fee, which is substantially lower than the cost of standard IVF/ICSI.  The charge listed covers both treatment and drugs.  In return, you would have to agree to share the eggs collected from you in that cycle, with a woman who requires egg donation.


For a woman to be considered for the Egg Sharing Programme she has to be less than 36 years of age with no personal or family history of inherited illnesses or abnormalities.  She will be seen by a doctor and a specialist nurse for assessment, and she will also have independent counselling.  The response to any previous fertility treatment she may have had, and the result of hormonal tests (AMH) will be reviewed before deciding on suitability.

The AMH reading should be within normal limits and a scan of the ovary should show normal activity.  The GP will be contacted via the patient for details about medical and family history. Those patients who are adopted will need to give details of their biological parent’s family history background as far back as their grandparents.

Prior to treatment she will be screened for Hepatitis B and C, HIV (the Aids virus), Syphilis, Cystic Fibrosis, Chromosomes, CMV, Rubella and Chlamydia antibodies.

Please note, that you would need to pay for the chromosome and cystic fibrosis analysis, which is currently approximately £380, and can take about 6-12 weeks to get a result.  If the result is normal, and you are suitable to be an egg donor, then this money will be deducted from your egg sharing arrangement fee.

Egg Sharing Arrangements

  1. The woman sharing your eggs will remain anonymous and you will not be given any details about her or her treatment and its initial outcome.  You will also be anonymous the recipient.  However, you will be entitled to find out if any children have been born as a result of your donation; including the number of children, their sex and the year of their birth.
  2. Any child born as a result of donor gametes has a right to be informed, on reaching 18 years of age, of the identity of the gamete donor.
  3. If you get 8 eggs or more, you will share them equally with the recipient.  If you get an even number, each one of you will get half the eggs.  If you get an odd number, you will get the extra egg.  The recipient will never be given more of your eggs than you get yourself.

Note:  If both you and the recipient are having ICSI treatment, you will receive at least 3 eggs for ICSI injection.

  1. If you get less than 8 eggs, you will keep them all yourself and have your treatment as planned.
  2. According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990, you will not be the legal parent of any child resulting from your donated eggs.
  3. You will be required to have counselling about the implications of the proposed treatment.
  4. You can withdraw from the egg sharing arrangement at any time up to the point where embryos created from your eggs are to be transferred to the recipient.  If you withdraw consent you would not be reimbursed the egg sharing arrangement fee.

Please note: your treatment can only go ahead if a matching patient who requires egg donation is ready to start her treatment.  This means that you may need to wait for a variable period of time until such a person is available.

Alternative Options: Another way of paying for your treatment is to pay in full.  In such cases you keep all your eggs for yourself and you do not have to wait for the availability of a suitable recipient.

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