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We offer two sorts of support counselling:  Implications and Support counselling; In addition, some patients are required to have a counselling assessment, to support welfare of the child issues. As part of the contact you will enter into with the counsellor, the exact type of counselling you will have will be made clear from the outset.

Implications counselling

If you are having treatment with donated eggs or sperm, then implications counselling is mandatory.  This is to help you understand the implications of the treatment for you, your extended family and for any child born as a result of treatment.  The counsellor will advise the best ways to tell a child about their origins, and will suggest other resources which may be of help to you with this process.

Support counselling

All of the staff in the IVF unit can provide you with support.  But occasionally patients want to have access to an independent and confidential support system, specifically if you are having difficulty coping with the stresses of treatment and the effects this may be having on your work, relationships etc.  Patients can access this support system individually, or as a couple.  The IVF Unit would not be made aware of any issues which arose during counselling, unless both you and your counsellor felt otherwise.

Counselling assessments

When patients requesting treatment have issues which may affect the wellbeing of any child born as a result of treatment, we are required by the HFEA to make an assessment to determine whether or not to offer treatment.  A counselling assessment is carried out, along with a social background report, presented for discussion at the IVF Unit Ethics Committee.  They advise the patient’s consultant whether they think it is reasonable to offer treatment.  The final decision rests with the consultant.

Accessing counselling

 If we require you to have counselling, an appropriate referral form with be completed.

If you think you would benefit from counselling and wish to make an appointment, please telephone the IVF Unit office on 01482 382648.   We will be able to offer you an appointment within a couple of weeks of your request; however, if a sooner appointment is required we will liaise with our counsellor for an urgent appointment.

The counselling support service is available to you once you have been placed on the waiting list for treatment, as well as during and after.

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The Hull Andrology Unit has relocated its services from Hull Royal Infirmary to a new purpose built facility on the Hesslewood Office Park from Friday 1st October 2021.

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