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Womb Preparation

IVF Step 4: Preparing your womb to receive the embryos

The lining of your womb (endometrium) will have been well developed during the stimulation part of the cycle by oestrogen produced by the ovary.   Once the eggs are removed, a hormone called Progesterone prepares the endometrium ready for implantation of the embryo.  Progesterone supplements are usually given until the pregnancy test is taken.  This will ensure that the endometrium stays thick and offers the best environment for the developing embryo to implant and result in a pregnancy.

The supplements that may be prescribed for you depend on your personal circumstances.  Utrogestan pessaries or Crinone cream are the most common form of progesterone supplements used in the IVF Unit.


Utrogestan is in a tablet form and is given vaginally.  It is started on the same evening as the trigger injection at a dose of 600 mg per night.  This is done at bedtime, as drowsiness is a common side effect when Utrogestan is taken.  Side effects are rare but local inflammation may cause vaginal discomfort.


Crinone is a cream supplied in a pre-filled vaginal applicator.  After embryo transfer Crinone can be commenced daily, inserted vaginally.  It is best to insert it before going to bed as the cream may make a little mess.  Side effects are rare but local inflammation may cause vaginal discomfort.

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