If you are a new patient and require a consultation with one of our fertility experts, you will be seen within a couple of weeks, dependent on which Consultant you wish to see.   You can make an appointment over the telephone or your GP/Consultant can send us a referral letter.  Please remember – if you are a funded patient being referred into sub-fertility; you will be seen initially in the sub-fertility/gynaecology clinic within Hull Royal Infirmary and they will have their own waiting times for appointments.

We currently do not have a waiting list for treatments at the IVF unit;   as soon as your investigations/documents are updated and complete you can commence your treatment.

For frozen embryo transfer cycles we currently have a two month waiting time.

We currently do not have a waiting list for treatment with donor eggs/sperm/embryos dependent upon your match requirements.

Counselling appointments can be made within a two week time period, or sooner, if an urgent appointment is required.