Life can be overwhelming at times and for many of us this is the case at the moment. For people coping with fertility problems this can be doubly so, as they struggle to contemplate where the COVID-19 crisis leaves them in terms of treatment. Everyone contemplating some form of IVF treatment is now in limbo, with no clear answers as to when this current crisis will be resolved. Abandoned and cancelled cycles can be devastating, leaving you struggling to cope. This means for some people they experience a rise in anxiety and a dip in mood.

Talking things through can help and this might be with family and friends. However, some people may prefer to speak to a counsellor, who is trained to listen impartially, with understanding and empathy. You may just need to offload your worries and concerns, or you may need some more concrete coping strategies to help you through the next few week and months.  Although the counsellor cannot change your situation, counselling can help you to reframe things and help you to cope better with your situation. The counselling service is available to all patients.

To help minimise the spread of COVID-19, we are not currently offering in-person meetings, but our counsellor, Jane, is ready to listen with telephone and online appointments available using Zoom. Just ring or text Jane on 07946 444230 to make an appointment. Jane may not always be able to answer your call but please leave  message and she will get back to you as soon as possible.