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Proposed Relocation of the Hull IVF Unit – Frequently Asked Questions

What will the new unit have that the current one doesn’t / how will it be better?

Our new unit will provide much needed extra space to enable us to cater for our growing number of patients. The new facility will include more laboratory space, a larger patient waiting area along with state of the art, high tech treatment facilities, recovery rooms and a staff office.  There will be dedicated, free parking for exclusive use by patients and staff.   The new building would also incorporate more up to date technology including dedicated ventilation systems for laboratories.


How will the move affect patients’ care?

The new surroundings will enhance and improve the care patients receive. The facilities will be purpose built in tranquil surroundings in a very picturesque setting. The move will also address some of the concerns patients have raised previously about the current co-location alongside the maternity unit – this can make it emotionally difficult for patients who are struggling to conceive. Dedicated free parking will also be available for patients and staff.  Patients will still be cared for by the same team of clinical experts and there will be no adverse impact on the quality of care our patients receive.


How far will the new unit be from the Women and Children’s Hospital?

Subject to all the necessary planning approvals, the new unit will be located around 5 miles away from our current site at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital. The relocation means that we will be placed more centrally within the geographical area we serve, and getting to the new unit will involve less travel for the majority of our patients.


Will there be car parking facilities at the new unit?

Yes, there will be a free car park for exclusive use by our patients and staff.


How accessible will the unit be via public transport?

The new site is served by daily East Yorkshire Motor Services bus services from Hull City Centre, with services running every 15 minutes between Hull Royal and Hessle Bus services also stop nearby (Humber Bridge) which go to and from the South Bank.


Where do the patients come from (geographically)?

We largely provide treatment for patients living in Hull (38%), East Yorkshire (32%), North Lincolnshire (8%) and North East Lincolnshire (12%). A smaller proportion of patients also travel to from North Yorkshire (6%) and other locations (5%) for treatment.


Will patients still need to go back to the Women and Children’s Hospital for any part of their care once the unit has moved?

For most patients, once we receive a referral, all aspects of their treatment will be at our new unit.  For a very small number of patients who, for medical reasons, need a general anaesthetic for egg retrieval, this procedure will be carried out at Hull Royal Infirmary.

There are also a small number of patients who currently need procedures to be carried out at Castle Hill Hospital, this will remain the case.

The Hull IVF Unit will continue to have a very close relationship with the local NHS teams, ensuring patient care is seamless.


Will it be safe to move the gametes/embryos?

Absolutely.  Patient care, including the safety of their stored eggs, embryos and semen, is our top priority.  We work with specialist teams who are extremely experienced in clinic moves.  We also have first-hand experience of a full relocation, as in 2003 we relocated from Princess Royal Hospital with no impact on patient care.


Are there any nearby amenities?

For patients travelling from further afield there are restaurants, a hotel and a deli takeaway all within walking distance of the proposed location.  There are also Woodland and riverbank walks, as well as picnic areas, nearby.


How many patients receive treatment at the unit?

Around 400 patients receive treatment at the Hull IVF Unit each year.    Our new unit will have the capacity to provide treatment for up to 800 patients per year.


What proportion of patients are private vs NHS funded?

Around 60% of our patients are NHS-funded; the remaining 40% are funding their treatment privately.


Will patients see the same team once relocated?

Yes, patients will continue to see the same team of clinical experts for their treatment as they do now.


Will the unit offer the same kind of treatments?

We will continue to offer a full range of investigations, fertility treatments and fertility preservation.  There is future scope to broaden the services offered, to support patients through every stage of their fertility journey.


Will the Unit offer counselling and support groups?

We will continue to offer counselling to patients pre, during and after their treatment.  We also will continue to have close relationships with Support Groups, such as the Fertility Network and The Fertility Group, Hull & East Riding.  There is also an opportunity to review the support services that take place on site, over the coming months.


Will costs of treatment increase?

Costs will not increase as a result of the relocation; our prices will continue to be reviewed annually in line with the current process.



How long is the building work expected to take?

9-12 months


If you have any questions or suggestions that are not covered by these FAQs, please contact us by emailing


Page Last Modified: 22nd October 2018


The Hull Andrology Unit has relocated its services from Hull Royal Infirmary to a new purpose built facility on the Hesslewood Office Park from Friday 1st October 2021.

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