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Coronavirus & IVF Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus and IVF Treatment


My treatment was cancelled before I was able to complete the cycle, when will my treatment restart?

Our clinical team are currently working through all patients’ medical notes and contacting patients individually to discuss the timing of their treatment restarting.  Each patient’s treatment plan is personally tailored to the individuals having treatment.  These calls will be made over the next couple of weeks.


I meet the criteria to have treatment funded, how long will I have to wait to start a cycle of IVF?

The NHS Sub-Fertility clinics have continued to take place over the telephone for patients who had already been referred for fertility investigations.  Unfortunately, new patient clinics were suspended due to blood investigations and semen evaluations being needed before a consultation could be arranged.  Our Andrology lab is reopening from Friday 22nd May and a number of GP surgeries are restarting blood investigations.  Please speak to your GP about a referral if this has not already been done.


Will there be a waiting list for patients wanting to start a Private IVF treatment cycle?

We have continued with new patient consultations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, although these have been on the telephone rather than face to face.  If you would like to book a private consultation please contact us on 01482 382648 or email us at  Although we are working to restart many treatment cycles that have been cancelled, we are still able to see new patients to start the process of carrying out investigations needed, in parallel to treatment cycles that are ongoing.


How are you prioritising patients for treatment?

We have continued, throughout the last few weeks, to treat fertility preservation patients (eg treatment needed in advance of oncology treatment).  These patients will continue to be prioritised.

All patients who had their treatment cycles abandoned due to the Coronavirus situation will be prioritised to have their treatment restarted.  The treatment cycles and different stages of treatment for this group of patients can be quite different from one and other.

As we are reviewing all patients’ medical notes before restarting treatment, we will also be mindful of any patient who has a higher risk of losing their fertility than others.

We are contacting all patients individually to discuss a restart date over the next couple of weeks.


Will I have a choice to postpone my treatment further if I wish?

We understand that some patients will not feel comfortable in restarting their treatment cycle at the moment.  There is no obligation for any patient to restart their treatment until they are happy to do so.  When you receive a call from one of our dedicated nurses, please let them know if you would like to wait to restart your treatment or contact us on 01482 382648.


What changes have been made to ensure patients are safe when they attend the Unit?

We have made several changes to the physical layout of the clinic and to the procedures we follow.  Please follow this link to read about some of the changes we have made.

All changes that have been made are to ensure we minimise any risk to both patients and staff and to ensure we are following all national and local guidance in relation to Covid-19.  As guidance changes, we will adapt our working practices, and revise physical layouts if necessary, in response.  These FAQs will be updated to reflect any changes.


Will there be more investigations/tests whilst the Coronavirus Pandemic is ongoing?

All normal treatment cycle investigations will be required.

We will also be using a patient triage questionnaire to highlight any concerns and to minimise risk to all patients and staff.

This triage process will be carried out at specific points throughout your treatment cycle and includes questions in relation to your health as well as your household and recent whereabouts.  This process is in place to not only reduce risks to the you as the patient contemplating treatment, but also to our staff and other patients.


Are there any increased risks if I am/become pregnant during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RCOG) have not advised against conceiving during this pandemic.

All available evidence suggests that pregnant women are at no greater risk of becoming seriously unwell than other healthy adults if they develop coronavirus. The large majority of pregnant women experience only mild or moderate cold/flu-like symptoms. Cough, fever, shortness of breath, headache and loss of sense of smell are other relevant symptoms.

For more information and guidance from RCOG please visit their website.


Do you have sufficient PPE?

Yes, we have sufficient PPE and are following all national, and local, guidance in relation to wearing and using PPE.


Will my NHS funding be affected by the current situation?

We have continued to work closely with our local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs); there have been no changes to the funding criteria during this period.  If you are nearing the age limit for treatment and have not yet started a treatment cycle, please contact us for specific advice.


My embryo/sperm storage was due for renewal and my treatment has been postponed, will I have to pay for further storage costs?

For those patients whose storage period is due for renewal, we have extended this for a period of 3 months to allow patients to restart/start a treatment cycle.  There is no additional cost for this extension.


My treatment was cancelled part way through, will I have to pay for the treatment cycle to start again?

There will be no cost to restart your treatment cycle.  Any drugs/medication that was dispensed in preparation for your treatment cycle, provided this has been stored as per our advice, will be used for your restarted treatment plan.  If you were nearing the end of your cycle when it was cancelled, you may need additional drugs to complete your restarted treatment cycle.

Page Last Modified: 20th May 2020


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